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Our mission is investing in the future of agro & food

Apart from sourcing companies, projects and investment opportunities in the asset management,private equity, venture capital, natural resources, agricultural sectors or lacking in development capital, we are also flexible in considering and assessing other companies around the globe to meeting our due diligence requirements in respect of other investments opportunities.

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Bebo Holding prides itself on its culture of integrity, innovation, vision, and value creation and works with only the best third party service providers to maintain its position as a market leader.
Through long-term investments in agriculture, food and nutrition security, our projects create employment opportunities, generate incomes, and reduce rural poverty.
We power innovation because we are innovators. Bebo is passionate about deep tech – our team is made up of engineers, scientists, and advisors dedicated to working with clients in their quest to discover and deliver their next big innovative ideas.
Smallholder farmers produce 80% of the world's food. We support resilient and sustainable agriculture systems that benefit and empower vulnerable smallholder farmers and their families.

Helping over 30 businesses in Georgia